Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Unsustainable trends

Most young people in India today (especially in IT) are jumping jobs too frequently in search for bigger paychecks. I believe this to be both a self-destructive tendency for the individual and a serious long term damaging trend for the performance of the industry. The rising cost of salaries without a corresponding capability and productivity improvements is likely to erode the key advantage of lower cost that the Indian IT industry has been enjoying for all this while. Individuals moving from job to job are likely to accumulate less and less depth in capability even as they add years to their experience. Such people are likely to run into a dead end soon. In their desperation they are likely to try new tricks such as taking up courses to upgrade their qualifications in their bid to make it for the next higher paying jobs (a popular choice these days is management courses). What is really needed is not more qualification but building up of ones capability and performance. Capability and performance result in economic value add which can form a more sensible and sustainable basis for improving ones earning.

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