Monday, October 03, 2005

India and the meaning of work

India is not the political territory but an idea. An empire, of ideas and ideals for life. It's influence is currently limited and it’s values lost on many (even in this country). But I think that India will have a profound influence in shaping the 21st century not so much by the growth in power of it's economy or the might of it's military (those things are needed more to preserve India (the idea)) but by rediscovering the ideas that created this spiritual empire. And I don't mean just reciting the teachings of the past but starting off where Buddha, the Sufi saints, Nanak, Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi left.
In the pyramid of human capability and performance, India's most significant impact will be in showing the way towards building greater spiritual and emotional capacity.
The contribution of the western world to scientific thinking, was added to by the Japanese in brining mental focus and pursuit of quality at work. India has the potential to bring greater emotional and spiritual understanding to work and human endeavors. India, I think, can make substantial contribution to shaping the context and meaning of work.

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