Friday, September 25, 2009

Demystifying what the Master said about wealth creation

The Master said…

'Giving is the essence of wealth creation…..'
You gain wealth from creating Value for others, Lending out your assets, or through the Goodwill you have earned as a result of having contributed positively to people's lives or to the society. Essentially through giving.
Of course there are other ways of making money like benefiting from other peoples follies and stealing and taking advantage of other peoples miseries but those fall in the realm of immoral and unethical (the demonic ways). I presume we don’t want to concern ourselves with these.

'Worry about where the money is going rather than where it is going to come from….'
Warren Buffet one of the richest man in the world says that his most important task is 'capital allocation'. Where he has put (given) the money has made all the difference in converting a approx 100,000$ borrowed from friends and family into billions (incidentally he has pledged nearly all his wealth estimated at over 40billion $ to charity).

'Widen your sources of income instead of worrying about your expense…..'
In his book Managing for Results, Peter Drucker says- "..There is a need to concentrate scares resource on the greatest opportunities and results...". Reducing expenses contributes to wealth creation to the extent that expenses are reduced to make resources available for the most attractive possibilities (or opportunities for wealth creation).

'Where the money goes is important…..'
Money must act as a seed to grow wealth. Frivolous expense is like seeds falling on sterile ground. That does not build value or assets or good will. And therefore terminates the process of wealth creation.

And the Master said....
'If you want more money to flow to you, broaden the flow of money from you….'
The more the money flows out from you the more goodwill, value and assets that you create, which in turn becomes the source of wealth creation for you.

So you thought your fixed deposit was about saving? Not quiet. Essentially you are giving the money out to someone else (the bank) who gives it out to someone else (the borrower) and that's how the money grows. Not by keeping it with you but by giving it out. Incidentally the longer you give out your money the more it grows. It might even be that the more often you give it out the more it makes for you. Ask any money lender.

Then he said...
'Live in with the feeling of abundance…..'
Because all the riches in the world will not take the poverty out of a man who thinks he needs some more. That's exactly what a beggar thinks of all day.

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