Monday, October 17, 2011

Putting your heart into it

People are uncomfortable when they encounter emotions from others because they associate an emotional response with having to give in, give up or give into something in dealing with that emotional response. They feel manipulated through these emotions. People try to cover-up and can their own emotions so as to stay away from inviting an emotional response which could place an unpleasant demand on them.

When we talk of acting out of love and of putting our heart into our work, we are not talking about this kind of emotional manipulation.

Acting out of love (and from your heart) is acting out of a deeper understanding. It is not to be confused with responding emotionally (especially with uncontrolled emotions) or using emotions as a means to manipulate. It comes from the understanding that giving in to emotions makes one unsteady, unpredictable and a slave to rising and falling emotions. It comes from the understanding that a caluculating mind become dry, dull, colorless, hard, ruthless. It is good at taking and grabbing things from others but it is incapable of creating. That it is incapable of giving. It comes from the understanding that these two are but our sensors and tools that help us live and work better.

Emotions are at best used as sensors (guides) and as a means to expression. Can you even think of poetry and music and art bereft of emotions? Can you even imagine anything beautiful ever being created or done without the doer having his or her heart into it?

How you really feel about work is an important indicator of how you are doing at work and the quality of work you are doing.

Are you feeling unhappy? Are you feeling frustrated? Are you are feeling happy? Are you are feeling exhilaration? If you are unhappy it's more likely that you are unable to do your work well. If you feel frustrated it is likely that the problems you encounter in your work keeps reappearing. If you are feeling happy probably you've been able to do a job well. If you are feeling exhilarated you've probably made a breakthrough at work.

Indeed reflecting on how you are feeling about your work can help you manage yourself better.

Acting out of love comes from an understanding that we are can hardly stand alone. That we are dependent on others for our well being. That we have much to be grateful to others for. And that in response, we must at least attempt to do our bit to pay it back and forward.

Here is how the great Einstien saw it -
A hundred times everyday I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received. - Albert Einstien

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