Thursday, April 16, 2009

Government as the masters versus enterprise of the people

Here is the basic difference between the Congress and the BJP. The Congress continues to perpetuate a Mai Baap Raaj. This approach is based on the perspective that people are poor and helpless and we (the government and enlightened politicians) must help them. The BJPs view on the other hand is, that we as a people only need to realise our greatness. This view incidentally is not based on western capitalistic ideal but on the ideals that is part of our vedantic philosophy that talks about the divinity waiting to be realised in every individual. 
The BJP must articulate this position better. - Are we helpless people that need to live by the grace of our political masters and the crumbs that they throw at us or are we the masters of our own destiny? The question to be asked is that - can only the governments do the task of building the nation or is this nation to be built by its people? Clearly the answer is the latter because despite all the government failures this nation continues to move ahead. Now we are not arguing for no government or less government. And we are certainly not arguing for crony capitalism (like that practiced by Congress and a few of its allies). What we are arguing for, is a government that does enough to make its people succeed in realising their true potential.

What government no matter how big or wise can build a nation all by itself?

This difference must become more pronounced, articulated and encapsulated in the messages and programs of the BJP. It must take a position counter to intellectual arrogance, crony capitalism and corruption. And against government being the masters and commanders, towards collaborative effort, empowerment of the individual and collective enterprise and dharmic (principled) governance.

It is only then can we live up to the vedantic ideals of realising the divinity in the souls of all individuals. There true potential. 

Only then can India take a leadership position in the 21st century. And we seek this leadership position not out of our ambition to be seen as better than others but out of our sense of responsibility to lead the world for the better.

Perhaps the biggest achievement of the rule of BJP under Vajpayeeji was going from a state of extreme despondency to one of self confidence. My hope is that the BJP can deliver on Advaniji vision of not just restoring  our lost self confidence but also on moving us forward to a position of global leadership.

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