Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Powershift to the internet

The use of internet is perhaps the one of the distinguishing features of these elections. Especially with the media (particularly the television) having lost quite a bit of credibility, the internet offers a more open medium, allowing the content on display to be commented on, responded to and contested by the consumers (unlike the traditional media). Helping shape opinions in a more open and truthful way.

LK Advani's website is an interesting experiment in collaboration over the internet. The significance of this exercise goes beyond the 2009 elections. It is about educating the people, learning from the people and carrying out an informed debate. It is about people’s participation in shaping the destiny of the nation. It is about bringing out the truth.

I wish the BJP had started this initiative even earlier. I wish that the Congress and the Communist respond to this initiative with vigor.

The impact that television had on politics in the country in the 90s would be the impact that the internet will have in the 2010's. There is going to be a powershift from the television to the internet. And for the better.

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